"angry arab lady || talks about games and my cat garnet"


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Soha Kareem is a Toronto-based games player who is especially fond of weirdness. She is an on-again, off-again games writer and likes to experiment with game design, but you can catch most of her criticism of the games industry at large via her Twitter rants. She is represented by her cat friend Garnet, a fluff-powered cutie who can take over Soha's thoughts and will by just staring at her.

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Facts Edit

Garnet occasionally guests on streams.

Is a Laura Bow expert.

Is the Playboy endorsed co-host of #Trashcake, a weekly lets play series also starring Scott 'D' Benson

Quotes (alphabetical by game) Edit

Shit on my FACE. - Hot Tin Roof

Kelsey: Why do we only play platformers or games that that make us cry? / Soha: Those are basically the same thing. - Hot Tin Roof

I took care of Lucas the Tamagotchi. - Indigo Prophecy

The lore here is being forgotten. - Indigo Prophecy

(after opening all the cabinets of her own accord) Guys, I'm so scared, all the cabinets are open. - One Late Night

Links Edit

Soha on Twitter.

Soha's gaming Tumblr