Selective Emotional Leprosy(SEL) is a condition that Austin Walker suffers from.  It causes him to be incredibly fragile, mentally and physically, capable of snapping due to even the smallest of comments.  Any sort of criticism towards Austin can cause him to break down into tears, lose a finger or other minor extremity, or may cause him to begin blaming Google for all of his issues.  See Yo Fuck Google.  This issue was brought up during a stream of Payday 2, while Austin was away Keith, Andrew(Dre) and Phil discussed this.  They were trying to figure out how to break it to Austin that he was entirely the reason they failed without crushing the emotionally fragile and mentally exhausted man.  Upon returning to the stream Austin combed through the chat, like a person suffering from a paranoia induced delusion, to see what they had said behind his back.  He then questioned them both extensively upon viewers remarking about Austin's issues.  Eventually Phil managed to distract him enough that he forgot about the issue and went back to enjoying playing in the stream.  If you ever have to be tough with Austin or criticize him keep this issue in mind.  

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