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Phil's a video game!

"Heart Wormer, Deputy Reviews Editor for @polygon, StreamFriend"

-Twitter bio

Phil Kollar is a Professional Game Reviewer, but don't let that turn you away. He brought the Stream Friends together at the behest of a mysterious, shadowy millionaire who has devious plans for Twitch's future. Phil's streams run the gamut from new triple-A releases to MMO grinding to whatever weird, obscure trash he's discovered in the depths of Steam this week.

-StreamFriends bio


In the 30 of July stream, he said: "I [static] want to [static] confirm... [seven minutes of static] HL3"

He's so famous his Twitter account is Verified. VE-RI-FIED.

His real name is Phil, but most Twitter users like to think he's actually called "P" like a Men in Black agent.

The P also stands for "Phil Pop Culture (like in Pop Is Dead) Kollar" But that's a joke he'll explain later, due to its complexity.

He will soon be a father of his wonderful son Pizzasephiroth Arthurgies Kollar

At one point, Phil was best friend to Andrew Reiner, until Reiner was murdered and replaced with a deadly robot made to assassinate Phil, thus Phil was forced to leave Game Informer and he moved to Polygon...

Phil has been known to hate Japanese games.

Phil has also been known to hate 'murikan games, too.

Phil was originally born with the name "Phillip Kollar". As a young boy, he saved the entire universe from destruction by sacrificing an "l" in his name.

Trivia Edit

As found out, the P in Phil's name stands for "Pizza", and the L's in his last name are an ancient masonic symbol for pepperoni.

He is also 10% bear, 30% beer, 50% Journalist, and 10% human being...

On August 18th, 2013, he was heard admitting "I would love more penis".

Quotes (alphabetical by game) Edit

Mogknight says their AI is better than Dynasty Warriors, as if that's something to be proud of.

(to Andrew) This is barely a disaster. - Baldur's Gate II

We're not even to town yet and we've killed two mostly innocent people. - Divinity: Original Sin

I think our genie gambit is almost up. - Heroes of Might and Magic

How do I open my inventory? How do I do anything? - Face Noir

We won't know until the sequel that we'll probably end up playing we're fuckin' idiots. - Face Noir

Kelsey says, "I just got here, sum up our man choices!" Which is what Kelsey says every time. - Magical Diary

Phil: We know for the future that if you give a blowjob to a strawberry, it lowers your stress. / Austin: All about learning, here on StreamFriends. - Magical Diary

I feel gross asking, but I need to know. - Magical Diary

It's like a fedora shark. - Murdered: Soul Suspect

Is it too early to find out what will happen when I don't press the buttons? - The Order: 1886

Do you think The Order: 1887 will be better? - The Order: 1886

Are you guys people or statues, I can't tell. - The Order: 1886

Here's my Assassin's Creed Unity thought for the day. - The Order: 1886

There's some secret brilliance here. - Recovery Search and Rescue Simulator

Oh no, this door is locked! Fuck, this game is scary. - Slender the Arrival

I don't like shit talking people who aren't here to defend themselves, but Hitler was kind of an asshole. - Wolfenstein: The New Order


Phil on Twitter.

The infamous Twitch channel of his.