Phill Kollar and Friends are the collective of streamers that regularly stream games on Phil's channel to show off games and have good times. Their streams usually fall into two seperate categories of one off streams and continual stream programming.

One Off StreamsEdit

Phil Kollar and Friends™ often have one off streams which are not a part of a long running series of streams or based around a central idea. These streams can be focused on playing a single game or may incorporate several different games over the course of the stream.

Regular/Continual ProgrammingEdit

Phil Kollar and Friends™ sometimes have regularly scheduled or serially produced streams based around a central idea. These streams include but are not limited to #JudgementDre, Hearthstone A Day, and the Scribblenauts: Very Limited E-Free Run. These streams usually have a set of rules to govern them making them specific programming rather than just one offs.