Nick is an Interpol detective who joined Stream Friends seeking revenge on the Shadowy Millionaire who killed his father. He streams classics, indie games, and weird / experimental stuff as part of his continuing investigation. Nick also produces a YouTube channel called Player 1 Loves Player 2 with his Austrian Special Agent Boyfriend as part of a greater undercover sting operation.

-StreamFriends bio

Facts Edit

Nick's internet handle, Dr. Evil Bones, was once mistaken for Drevil Bones.

Is a wizard from the moon.

Quotes (alphabetical by game) Edit

I take pride in being one of those streams where people come in and go, "what the fuck is this?"

I'm only good at adventure games accidentally. - The Blackwell Legacy

Is that how rats work? - Dark Souls II

Can you walk into a random room and declare yourself the ruler? - Dwarf Fortress

Yo, this was a Stream Friends-ass Stream Friends. - Farm Simulator 2014

 Why is this man made of beef jerky? - Fireburst

 Jpeg compression jokes, that's what brings people in. - Murdered Soul Suspect

 I'm a little tired of your houseboat agenda. - The Sims 3 

Links Edit

Nick on Twitter

Nick's YouTube channel, Player 1 Loves Player 2, where he plays video games with his husband Matt.

Nick on Twitch

Nick's website