What is Sleuth? Edit

Sleuth is a shareware program created Eric N. Miller of Norland Software and released in 1983. You play the role of a detective investigating the murder of someone in a mansion. A big draw of the game is being able to personalize the people in the mansion. The first stream of Sleuth was hosted by Kelsey on June 28, 2014 with Austin, Janine, Andrew, and Keith.

Sleuth titlescreen

Quotes from June 28, 2014 Edit

Janine: Jack loves murder! / Austin: Jack's a big murder fan, he subscribes to Murder Fan Weekly, he's a part of a number of newsgroups related to murder. / Janine: Got a bunch of teespring shirts about murder. Murder slogans and emblems. / Andrew: Only buys records from Murder, Inc. Big Ja Rule fan, that Jack. / Austin: He LOVES Ja!

Jack: (from the chat) Murder is literally my favorite thing!

Janine: Someone killed Phil with a sheep leg?! / Austin: A lamb leg, thank you. / Janine: Oh, okay, so a baby sheep. That's the most British murder ever. It was Jack. Jack did it. It was Jack with the mutton in the bedroom.

Janine: Can you inspect my hands for mutton residue?

Austin: All signs point to Jack.

Austin: Maybe if the rest of you guys cared about me more, we would've caught the killer before he did that. / Janine: I killed Phil humanely.

Austin: I painted my house in blooooood.

Austin: Did you kill me?! Keith. Keith. Keith. Keith. You fuckin' murder me?! / Keith: Yeah. Yeah. / Austin: Case closed. / Janine: All right, good game. GG. / Austin: Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Keith: Listen. Me and Phil were kissin'. Whatever. 

Janine: It's like M-rated Tomodachi Life right now.

Austin: Sonic throwin' Dre under the bus. / Andrew: I was a Genesis kid, Sonic, and this is what you give me.

Kelsey: Knuckles had a Stradivarius. / Austin: I didn't know Knuckles was such a collector of expensive things. / Keith: I don't think he knew. If he had one, he didn't know.

Kelsey: Knuckles was murdered by a soap tray. / Andrew: That's kind of like a chaos emerald.

Austin: (regarding Keith's Dr. Robotnik impression) When I closed my eyes, I could almost feel his bushy mustache up against my cheek.

Keith: You're saying I have it based on a syllable. / Austin: I know a good impression when I hear one and that was a good impression, Keith. Reel it in.

Keith: Goldblum, the one unattainable impression. The one golden goose I will never have. 

Austin: I don't know that we're ready to do Sailor Moon impressions. 

Keith: "I've never done anything before; why would I start now?!" Shots fired at Tuxedo Mask. 

Austin: Y'all murderers! I'm never gonna watch Sailor Moon the same way! 

Austin: She's got Mercury in her veins. 'Cause she's Sailor Mercury. 

Austin: What's your dentist situation? I need to know this.