"BA: English w/Creative Writing. Editor-in-Chief for Nerdy But Flirty. You must gather your party before venturing forth."

-Twitter bio

Kelsey is an IT technician by day and a Stream Friend by night. She writes for the feminist, all-woman staffed Nerdy But Flirty, a gaming and geek culture website. She'll play basically anything, but likes adventures, RPGs, horror, and offbeat indie games the most.

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Facts Edit

Her middle name is Radical.

Quotes (alphabetical by game) Edit

There's no way his semen still works. - Indigo Prophecy

Nick: I wish this hadn't escalated so quickly. / Kelsey: ME TOO. - Paranormal

Oh, great! GREAT, A FUCKING BLAIR WITCH MONSTER! ...fuck... - Paranormal

No, Michael Jackson, where'd you go! - Paranormal

(regarding her screaming) I'm really upset that my neighbors haven't checked on me, actually. - Paranormal

(after finishing the stream) I'm okay. I might watch like fifteen episodes of Seinfeld before I go to bed. - Paranormal

Is a ghost trying to seduce me? - Paranormal

I was on board for sweet potato dick season. - White Noise Online

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Kelsey's website with all your Kelsey link needs