"BAFTA nominated writing and composing half of @the_tall_trees. Somehow extracted Castles in the Sky from a piano and a word



-Twitter bio

Jack de Quidt is a confused heap of words piled up into the shape of a person. Working as a writer and designer at The Tall Trees, he can be found at Stream Friends puzzling over curios or making jokes about the intricacies of dynastic politics. Jack's house is haunted by the ghost of a large striking clock, which occasionally cameos in streams. Some still maintain it summons the Stream Friends.

-StreamFriends bio

Facts Edit

As one half of The Tall Trees, created the beautiful game Castles in the Sky.

Quotes (alphabetical by game) Edit

To be clear, neither me nor StreamFriends endorses nerve stapling Ghandi. - Alpha Centauri

All right, where's my speeder bike, I need to drive it into a bunch of people. - Destiny

Austin, what you mean by chill is, "give me your kingdom." - Dwarf Fortress

We are so British...playing Harry Potter and saying blimey unironically. - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

"Welcome to StreamFriends," he says, his Skype voice glitching. -Kona

Janine. Janine. I swear to God, if I click this link and it's the WWE theme song... - Lifeless Planet

What's the word from Walkthroughland, Walkthroughlanders? - Lifeless Planet

All right, back on track. We're back on track. It only took us like twenty-five million minutes. - Lifeless Planet

I will murder you...and then solve the crime. - Noir Syndrome

Austin, up until today, would you have considered yourself a sock connoisseur? - Rock of Ages

Nobody should've brought up socks. Who would've thought that socks would be so divisive? No, for real, for real, I will never regret bringing up those socks. - Rock of Ages

Walking into a disastrous date at 2.30pm. That StreamFriends Twitch partner experience. - The Sims 3

I clicked around menus for five minutes and then I got eaten by a shark. - Sunless Sea

Will someone tell me what a caboose is?! - The Wreck of the Opaline Star

Noir Syndrome epitaphs from Vorpalfemme Edit

RIP Jack "Travelling Murderer" De Quidt

RIP Jack "Hungry for the Truth" De Quidt

Jack "Most Sleuths Catch Criminals" De Quidt

Detective Jack "Party Pooper" De Quidt

RIP Jack "I Came for the Refreshments" De Quidt

[bonus from the Faster than Light stream, where we came across a random character named Jack] RIP Jack "who's that" De Quidt

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Jack on Twitter

Jack on Twitch

The Tall Trees

The Twine game created by Jack for Austin's 2014 birthday