Mog's Face: Not really that angry most of the time.

"Talks about video games. Pretends to know what he's talking about. My opinions are mimed. D:"

- Twitter bio

Hanh Nguyen — commonly referred to as "Mog" — faces out, holds out, and reaches out to the truth. Rumor has it that Hanh met Phil at a bar once, which spiraled into a weird series of events ending in Hanh as a Stream Friend. He streams some console classics, though he is also doing a new series on Stream his own detriment.

-StreamFriends bio


  • Goes by the name "MogKnight" all over the interwebs.
  • Only appeared on Phil's stream like 3-4 times, BUT HEY he gets a page here anyways. D: Mog is now an official Stream Friends host! More Mog! More Mog!
  • Most people can't seem to pronounce or spell "Hanh" correctly, so he commonly goes by "Mog".
  • Generally trolls/moderates the stream's chatroom.
  • The only Asian who is bad at math.
  • He's also the leader (and sole member) of #TeamBoneIn
  • Recently did a speedrun of Super Metroid on StreamFriends, and does a series of viewer-submitted challenges called "MogKnight Rising".
  • Occasionally hosts "Stream Friends After Hours". That's a thing. Bring yo own booze.

Quotes (alphabetical by game) Edit

"I don't need your platform!" - Super Meat Boy



blink blink saturn blink blink (From The Good Game Charity Marathon)

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