Scourge of Skype, Gandalg is dedicated to wrecking streams. Notably, Gandalg reared his evil head when John and Dylan tried to stream Dragon's Crown.

Gandalg is Gandalf's evil twin brother, and was summoned into this world by Kelsey making a typo in chat. One of the mods noticed the error and thus, Gandalg was born.

Soon after his initial appearance, Gandalg was temporarily banished by The Butt Lord. However, Gandalg's powers are great, and we may see him again someday...

Gandalg has also been known to sabotage other online things, such as Steam. It's possible he misread the name and thought he was sabotaging another stream, but we mere mortals may never truly know.

He also has a deep hatred of chicken fries, largely because his nemesis The Butt Lord enjoys them so much.

Gandalg tweet