(gerty.jpg) Man, Moon was a great movie huh


At some point during Austin's "Last Day of the Titanfall Beta" stream with Ali West, Art Tebbel, and Jack de Quidt, Art called Austin out for consistently referring to the "Bravo" capture point as "Beta". Janine Hawkins in the chat suggested that it was in fact "Betta", as in, the type of fish, along with "Arowana" and "Carp". 

At this point, everything went to hell.

These are derived from the official military alphabet (of the pkollar stream friends)Edit

  • Alpha, Bravo, Charlie
  • Alpha, Beta, Charlie
  • Alpha, Betta, Charlie
  • Always, Biting, Corgis
  • Arowana, Betta, Carp
  • Marijuana, Betta, Carp
  • Marijuana, Betta, & Clark - Attorneys at Law
  • Marijuana, Betta, Clark
  • Marijuana, Barnacle Buddy, Clark Kent
  • Marijuana, Barnacle Buddy, Clark Kent Obama
  • Marijuana, Bonzai Buddy, Canye West
  • Marijuana, Bonzai Meat, I don't remember because I was laughing so hard at bonzai meat
  • Awesome Baby Cyborgs
  • Always Be Capturing
  • Arfunkle, Just Blaze, ...
  • Marijuana, Creedence, Bad Moon
  • 'Ye, Just Blaze, Common
  • Yeezus, Just Blaze, Common
  • Angel, Buffy, Charmed
  • Albatross, Bluebird, Crow
  • (Archangel), Blackbird, Cyclops